►► Verify zoning

  • Verifying zoning is necessary 1st to determine if the property is located within the City limits of Long Beach and 2nd to determine if the zoning is suitable for the type of business you will have.

  • Zoning Map

  • Chart of Uses

►► Business license / Privilege Tax license

  • If the property is located inside our City limits and zoning is suitable, you must purchase a city business license also known as a Privilege license. PRIVILEGE TAX LICENSE APPLICATION

  • If your business will be operated from your single family residence, a home occupation license is required. HOME OCCUPATION LICENSE APPLICATION. Before completing the application for home occupation please review the home occupation rules and regulations HERE

  • If the property is not located inside the City of Long Beach city limits, you will contact either the Harrison County (228) 832-1622 or Pass Christian (228) 452-3316 building department .

►► State of Mississippi Tax Commission

  • Here you can find information on how to obtain a sales tax number, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), beer, wine and alcohol requirements. Mississippi Department of Revenue

►► Water department

  • You will need to apply for water service. Contact the City of Long Beach Water Department located at 201 Jeff Davis Avenue; Long Beach, MS 39560; (228) 864-8531.

►► Electric company

  • You will need to apply for electricity. If the building where you want to operate your business has been without electric power for 3-6 months the power company may require an inspection, you will need to complete the ELECTRICAL PERMIT APPLICATION and pay a fee of $25. You must bring the application along with the $25 fee to the Building Department to obtain a permit, the Building Department is located at 201 Jeff Davis Avenue. After a permit is obtained the inspector will visit the property to complete an inspection, after the inspection has passed the Building Department will contact the appropriate power company with a release number.

  • Mississippi Power 1-(800) 532-1502;

►► Health Department

►► Board of Cosmetology

►► Fire Inspector

  • Once your business license is issued a copy will be forwarded to the City of Long Beach Fire Inspector, he will call and schedule an inspection.

  • City of Long Beach Fire Inspector (228) 863-7292

►► Chamber of Commerce

  • Chamber of Commerce (228) 604-0014

►► Sign Permit